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The fourth definitive upgrade to bookbinding in 2000 years.

The NUE UX spine significantly changes the book user experience. It combines the benefits of both a wire and an adhesive binding for the first time in history.

From the inventor


  • Elegant looking
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to carry, store, and handle
  • Compact
  • Durable. 
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The groundbreaking technology is in the spine.

The revolutionary technology is the unique spine and its manufacturing. The unique designs use alternating patterns of cutouts to reduce the "stacking forces" that are inherent in all other adhesive and sewn bindings, and that have had us obeying the books instead of the books adapting to our needs and comfort. Second, traditional binding methods and materials trade away binding flexibility and user comfort for manufacturing speed and efficiency, throw-it-against-the-wall durability (no joke,) and cost: IE they use stiff glues and a lot of it. NUE UX books are hand-crafted, one at a time for now, using a very precise and unique (as far as I can tell) method. I've put the emphasis in the R&D on your comfort without sacrificing necessary strength and durability.

Thus, the NUE UX spine does the adapting so you don't have to. They are easier and more comfortable to use whether reading, writing, sketching, studying, referencing, or other. When might you or someone you know appreciate this? At a small table, on a flight, traveling the world, in a cafe, standing on a bus, playing music or cooking, at the beach or in the mountains, or relaxing in bed.

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Is the NUE UX spine as rugged, durable, and as long-lasting as conventional ones?

Maybe not for a 4-year-old, but under normal conditions, Yes! The cover board (.06" or 1.5mm) is protected inside and out with water proof and durable materials, which can be rubbed clean with water and/or light soap. The corners are rounded for convenience. The board edges and the paper are susceptible to water damage. And the glue is incredibly flexible and durable. (Under magnication I've watched it stretch out like a rubber band as I've tested it to determine yield strength.) So the binding corners may compress if hit hard enough, but they won't break. And the glue is archival quality, so it should last for decades without degradation or coloring.

Do the pages detach easily?

No. The pages are bound using a unique method (as far as I can tell) that massively improves flexibility and increases durability w/o sacrificing pull strength. The pages pass the same tests for pull strength and durability as conventional books. However, if pulled hard enough at an angle the pages will release from the binding while doing no damage to the binding or the page. I do this ocassionally when I need a loose piece of note paper.

Unlike spiral notebooks, the pages can be torn silently.

Where is NUE UX available?

Currently, NUE UX journals are only available on our site. But look ahead for them to be available at independent stores soon. This might be a reason for you to subscribe to our updates. ;)

Can I return my purchase if I am dissatisfied?

Yes. For any reason. At any time. We ask to understand what did not meet your expectations. Thank you.

Please do contact us if your journal was damaged in shipping.

What's the difference between an NUE UX journal and a standard journal?

We hope the difference is in your enjoyment and comfort. This journal has an adhesive-bound spine with the similar flexibility of a spiral-bound notebook without drawbacks and fragility. All pages have freedom of movement around their spine, unlike conventional journals, whose pages are originally glued and fixed together, inhibiting movement and creating much resistance.

NUE UX journals do what you want.

They are the easiest-to-use books ever made.

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The patent pending innovation is available for licensing. Please contact us.