Flexible, part-time, & well paid opportunity in a startup for the right craftsperson/artisan

Gist: I am taking a new book-binding and patent-pending technology to market worldwide and right now I need a generally very skilled craftsman/woman/artisan to make books in my shop. I’ll pay well for the right person and results. The right person is very conscientious, self-motivated, straight-forward, and ready to learn. If you are confident in fitting this description, and are interested, only then please reach out. 

There is also tremendous upside as I develop and expand manufacturing and grow the company.

The situation: I have invented/designed new book bindings (patents pending internationally) that allow adhesive-bound books to lay flat and wrap around (like a spiral.) My research suggests this will be a big deal in the world of books over time. Right now I am fulfilling orders from a Kickstarter project and am taking the new designs directly to market. In 2023 I’ll be looking to develop higher rates of production.

The work: Involves getting paper printed; cutting paper and cover boards and materials; gluing; collating and aligning; assembling and “clamping.” I expect to keep doing the trickiest steps unless they can also be handed off. Also involves tracking the number of books needed and the materials as they move through the process.

The upside and long-term: The growth of startups is limited in part by having the right people. In 2023 I will develop more efficient book production perhaps in a local facility and/or with a bindery in Phoenix. A ton of work is involved in this and ideally I could accomplish this by working closely with the right talent. There will not be a shortage of opportunity here--imagine what it takes to develop and implement new production, and/or work w/ strategic manufacturing partners.

Skills needed and some of the steps: Superb craftsmanship. The work requires a high degree of precision, conscientiousness, and consistency. I have created all the jigs and tools needed. Yet they must be used with a high degree of awareness and precision. EG Before they are glued, the pages must be aligned by the tabs. EG If not careful the parts can be damaged as they move through the process. EG The following picture shows “book blocks” (ie the unbound pages and covers) in “clamps:” The previous steps include carefully assembling the pages and aligning the tabs, then combining the text-block with the cover pieces and putting them in the clamps. During that step the clamps will rest up on “risers” so that a precise amount of the book spine protrudes from the clamps while they are tightened. The protruding edge is then roughened, cleaned, and bound.

Book blocks in clamps w/ precise amount of spine protruding

Time required: .75-2days/week for next several months. I am totally flexible in how this is arranged.

Person currently needed: 1: I’ll teach you the specifics but you know you can do this kind of work with quality and consistency. (If you are not confident about that then please don’t reach out: I can’t afford the time to investigate that with anyone.) 2: Honesty is not challenging. 3: Humble. Ready to be guided through first efforts. 4: Happy, at least generally ;) 5: Self-motivated. Can be left alone and reach out as needed. 

Location now: Prescott Country Club. (Travel may be able to be arranged if needed.) (I appreciate this is not “in town” but I don’t want this to be a deterrent. If it is then let’s discuss.)

Process: If you are comfortable with the requirements please reach out at 415 407 6557 or mark@nuux.live. Be prepared to tell me why you believe you can provide what the project currently needs. 

Thank you! :) 





Company: NUE UX is a very early-stage start-up on a mission to transform bookbinding. Conventional books are difficult to use. NUE UX has developed and is patenting a binding methodology to make books easy + comfortable for the book user. Although the company is newly formed, many prototypes of the new design have been tested and validated for a few years. We aim to grow the company fast, and you will be one of its first employees to help build that growth.