The book and its cover are entirely opened and held in one hand

Every NUE UX book is flexible + opens to 360 degrees

Have you ever struggled to comfortably open and hold a journal, notebook, or book?

That's not a problem with NUE UX journals, notebooks, and books.

Every NUE UX book effortlessly opens to 360°. They open without hindrance from the first pages to the middle and up to the final pages.

Logically, many prototypes were constructed to test the effectiveness of the NUE UX redesign. The new construction takes the current elements of a book's binding and maximizes each aspect. The new interpretation of the traditional book uses cutouts to provide additional space for the page to flex and bend with greater ability. The new spine construction gives more room to every page freeing up the rigidity of conventional binding.

The book opened at its middle and laying flat

The concept even works on a thick book with many pages.


The reasons why conventional bookbinding makes a book difficult to use.

Conventional book binding, also known as "perfect binding," involves gluing the spine edges of the pages together. While this method of binding is relatively inexpensive and allows for books to lay flat when open, it can make the book difficult to use in a number of ways.

One issue with perfect binding is that the spine can become damaged or separated from the pages over time, especially if the book is frequently opened and closed or handled roughly. This can make it difficult to open the book and read it comfortably. Additionally, because the pages are glued together rather than sewn, the book may not hold up as well to heavy use or wear and tear. It may be more prone to falling apart or having pages become loose or detached.

Another issue with perfect binding is that it can be difficult to keep the book open to a specific page while reading. The pages may want to close or flip back to where they were previously, which can be frustrating for the reader. This is especially true for larger books or books with thicker pages.

Finally, perfect binding may make it difficult to read the book in certain positions or environments. For example, if you are trying to read the book while lying down or in a confined space, the spine may not be flexible enough to allow you to comfortably read the pages.

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